About Kundyolanda

About Kundyolanda Family


Proud to be the hosts of the 24th  Kodava Hockey Festival Our family has participated in all the Kodava Hockey Festival’s held so far. Now that The Kodava Hockey Academy has entrusted us with the responsibility of hosting the 24th Kodava Hockey Festival in 2024,  We are fully prepared to embrace our responsibilities and are committed to giving our utmost effort in the upcoming season.

Olympians we are Proud of...!

Olympic Games

The Indian Army recruits people from Kodagu to represent and play for their country at a higher level. This amount of talent was best curated into a tournament hosted every year, encouraging everyone to take up the sport, and enhancing the spirit of sportsmanship. More than 50 Kodavas have represented India at international hockey tournaments, out of which 18 have also been a part of the Olympic Games.